Find your date!

Welcome to Rainbow Thomasville! Please review the calendar below. You will see that each day states how many reps we have available for that particular day/time. Choose an available date that works for both you and your friends and/or family members. Once this date and time is decided, click on "contact" and select "book." Here you will enter the requested information to submit your demo request. Once we receive your request and book your demo, you will receive a confirmation email from our office.

If you see a date that states "Standby appointment only," this means all available reps have been booked; however, please don't let this discourage you from booking a demo on that particular date. We book demos on "standby" in our office because a great deal of the time we have our customers reschedule their booked demos. When this happens, it leaves an opening for any of our customers who have booked standby demos.

We always confirm our demos on a daily basis. We will send out a confirmation text the morning of your scheduled demo. If you have a demo on standby, we will contact you if we are able to cover your demo that day. If you have not heard from us the day of your demo, please contact us. We look forward to working with you to ensure the successful completion of your program!